What is Self Care and How Do You Improve Your Lifestyle?

There are many different types of self-care.

How to Improve Your Self Care

Journaling—write down your thoughts and feelings

Mindfulness—puts you in the present to slow you down when things are moving oo fast

Limit your use of Technology–we tend to get lost and forget to take time for ourselves and spend time with smartphones or on the Internet

Sleep–create a healthy sleep routine by getting up at the same time each day even on the weekends and going to bed at the same time each night

Diet and Exercise–it’s important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A nutritionist can help you with meal plans and a trainer can help you with an exercise plan

Meditation–increases concentration, can help regulate your mood, and help reset your attitude

Create boundaries–become aware of what going on around you and what you need in your life now and what you can get rid of

We often forget about taking care of ourselves when we’re busy taking care of someone else, especially when it comes to taking care of a loved one who’s in failing health.

How many times have you heard a doctor tell or you have to take care of yourself too or you could be killing yourself in the process.

The Different Types of Self Care

Self-care can be physical—doing what makes you feel good like exercise

Self-care can be emotional–finding your inner peace by looking within to understand what you’re feeling on an emotional level

Self Care can be personal—taking care of yourself by setting goals, getting to know yourself and who you really are

Self-care can be social— working on and cultivating a relationship with friends

Self-care can be spiritual—learning about what g-d means to you, even discussing your beliefs with someone else, but don’t try to make them believe what you do—everyone comes to their own religious and spiritual beliefs based on whatever religion they’re raised in.

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