Your Attitude Affects Your Outlook on Life


The attitude or outlook you have on life affects how you react when you experience something new.  Our past and how we dealt with that past affects the attitude we have in the present and in the future.

You should learn how to

  • Get Good at Feeling Rejected—everyone has certain skills that they’re better at than others.  You shouldn’t beat yourself up when you flub an interview.  Learn how not to expect bad things to happen when you want something badly enough.
  • Always Use Positive Words to Describe Your Life—listen to the words you say when you talk to yourself.  You can sabotage your success with the negative thoughts.  When you have a positive attitude it affects your emotions and earning power
  • Reframe Your Challenges–You can’t control everything that goes on in your life.  You should learn to have fun with your challenges and embrace the learning experience as a growth opportunity.
  • Replace the Word Have With getting–Think about how you the word have–for instance, have to pay rent, have to cook for your family, have to go grocery shopping–this lowers your attitude.  Change how you think about it —more like gratitude for being able to put food on the table or being able to put a roof over your head.
  • Breathe–how you breath can also affect your emotions.  What you’re feeling at that moment can affect if you take short or long breaths.
  • Notice What You’re Feeling When You Hear About Tragedy–Lately, we’ve been hearing about school shootings and it’s hard to stay positive when you hear about new strategies almost daily.  That’s why it’s good when people reach out to comfort each other.
  • Provide Solutions when Pointing Out problems–You don’t need to be oblivious to problems.  What you really need to do is help with solutions to a problem.
  • Find Ways to Make Someone Smile—It’s good to think about and take care of ourselves, but why not think of others and help someone in need.  Don’t wait until you hear of tragedies like hurricanes and tornados to offer help.

It’s up to you what kind of attitude you have, but having a great attitude about life makes you healthier, wealthier, and wise.