What it Means to Live Life on Your Own Terms For Yourself

This can mean different things to different people. For this article we’re going to say that it means that the life you’re living now is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

You can choose to live your life without a plan and accept things that happen to you as g-ds give or you can take the reigns of your life in your own hands and choose your own career, choose your own partner, choose where you want to live etc. It’s your choice.

How to Live Your Life on Your Terms

Dream your life plan

that means as a young child or adult you may plan out your future or visualize how you want to live your life

Where You Are Now in Your Life Plan

what is your current reality. What are you doing to reach your goals. Try to decide what is is you need to do to make changes to help you reach your future goal

Your Past–

Look at all the things you’ve tried in the past to make your dreams a reality. What worked and what didn’t work. How much closer to your goal are your goals?

Look at Your Options

-Take all your options and see which ones worked(keep those) and the ones that didn’t work(discard them). Then brainstorm a list of new opt

Talk to Otheres

it’s pays to get help from someone else whose not as close as you are and ask their opinion. Look for someone that can help you to make those changes by example or mentoring.

Make a Plan

It’s always better to have a plan in place because changes never happen over night. they take time and it’s good to have a roadmap to follow when you’re making changes in life. Once you have a plan then break it down into workable activities

Team up with Someone else to take action

This is when you take action to make your dreams come true. At this stage you use the support of others to take the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality. Teaming up with someone else helps you live youer life on your own terms