Rules to Live By to have the Best Life Possible Always

When you have rules to live by it gives you goals and guidance on how to conduct your behavior when you interact with people that you meet on a daily basis.  We learn many lessons in our lifetime.  Your goal should always want to make your life the best it can be.  We’re creatures of habit and learned behavior.

We tend to make more of the past then we should and let it cloud our behavior later on.  If affect our future relationships and how you approach new places.

We make more out of what someone else thinks of us because it’s innate behavior that wants us to be loved by everyone, even though not everyone you meet in your life will react to you the same way.

Reasons to Have rules to Live By

As time passes and the distance between where you are now and where you are in the future dulls the feelings you have now.  In the breakup in a marriage when it first happens you can feel depressed but as time passes you learn to cope with that pain and find new people to fill that void, but if you have the opportunity to rekindle that relationship, make sure that the same things that happened in that relationship don’t repeat themselves.  The best way to do that is to seek family therapy or best of all seek family therapy before you end the relationship to make sure the relationship can be saved before it ends.

You shouldn’t try to compare yourself to someone else because no two people experience the same thing in the same way.

When you over think a problem, then you’re damaging your self-confidence in your decision-making abilities. the best way to overcome this is to take control of your life and not let someone else undercut your sense of belief in your problem-solving abilities by letting them live your life for you.

You feeling of happiness comes from inside you, not any outside source although we’re taught that it does, or it’s an excuse someone uses to not admit when they don’t make the best decisions or have common sense.

Don’t take the problems world on to your shoulders, since you can’t solve them.