Before You Can Overcome the Fear You Have to Feel It

Breathing is the short circuit for anxiety and fear

Fear and anxiety are interchangeable. it is often said when you start to feel in society, to stop and think some of the thoughts and concentrate on your breathing to slow it down and reduce the anxiety that you’re feeling. This anxiety comes from just anticipation of something that you’re currently working on an unexplained the fears that may never happen. This occurs because our mind starts to anticipate the future before it really happens.

Breathe deeply for several minutes until everything clears out of your thoughts and you feel yourself start to breathe normally again.

Prepare for peaceful performance

Often just before you get on stage to do a speech or even perform, your mind starts to race and anticipate disasters that may never happen. To alleviate this, commonly prepare yourself for the event or performance ahead of time.

one way of recognizing this fear before it happens is that you lose the ability to think clearly.

Use a different part of your brain

The best way to overcome these fears or anxieties is to learn to use different parts of your brain. one of the best techniques to do this is to start counting backward from 100 to the number one while concentrating on your breathing.

Get control of your imagination

We develop our imagination is young children and for some it becomes overactive. What we are doing is anticipating the future and what we expect to happen. This is a great technique to use when planning your goals, but it also needs to be short-circuited when it causes us to feel fear or anxiety when it comes to a specific event. When we use our imagination to anticipate the worst, then we are misusing our thought processes and it can create chronic anxiety.

Use the AWARE technique

A: Accept the anxiety.

W: Watch the anxiety.

A: Stands for ‘Act normally’.

R: Repeat the above steps in your mind

E: Expect the best.

by using this technique, it helps you to calm your thoughts down to reduce the anxiety of fears that you are feeling.

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