How to Set and Achieve Your Goals When It Counts the Most

There are 2 paths you can take to achieve your goals:

1. Laws of Attraction

2. Mental Toughness

Laws of Attraction

The law of Attraction is the belief that when you focus on positive or negative thoughts you bring either positive or negative experiences into their life.

Be Grateful

This means to be grateful for the things you already have in your life. This can include your work, your relationships, or your family.

Focus Wheel

When you use a focus wheel it can help youacquire momentum when it comes to gratitude and helps you attract more of what you want in life.

Dream Board

Another name for a dream board is also a vision board, because what you’re doing is cutting out and pasting pictures on a board so that you can look at them every day and visualize yourself reaching your goals.

Use Affirmations

The best way to use affirmations is to find positive ones that you can repeat to yourself on a daily basis.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a way to measure someone’s ability and confidence in themselves to succeed.

The best way to compare the two is to list their differences:

Laws of Attraction

  1. Focus on that end result
  2. Say daily affirmations
  3. Let your subconscious mind attract your goals to you
  4. Let it happen

Mental Toughness

  1. Create daily tasks that will give you there
  2. Work hard daily and focus on the toughness
  3. Measure your success every day

only three out of 10 people write down their goals but they achieve more than the other 7 people combined.

“What you visualize you materialize”

How These 2 Sides Work Together

When you look at the definitions of each of these separately, you can see where they are a dichotomy, but they also work together to help you reach your goals. Life is a constant challenge and you need to use a combination of factors to help you reach your final goal and destination in life.

How you meet these challenges can also be inbred by your family. If they are negative they will teach you to be negative. When this happens you need to use every Avenue possible to change those roadblocks in your life and make them a positive road to success. This may mean that you also have to put distance between yourself and your family or friends who can hold you back.