Having a Positive Mindset Takes Work and Persistence

Making changes in your life is not always easy.  Having the best mindset and outlook on life is always a challenge.

Changing Your Mindset

Surround yourself with positive people

  • join networking groups
  • events where people look for personal growth
  • surround yourself with people who have the values you want to learn

Challenge your thoughts

  • question why the look at things the way you do
  • change your beliefs

Consume positive media

  • changes your perspective
  • immerse yourself in personal growth content daily
  • learn positive self-dialog


  • help people who can make an impact on you
  • when you help someone else it takes your mind off your problems

Write an action plan

  • helps you focus on the things you do want
  • helps you put the steps you have to take in order
  • identify the first step you need to take

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • change your diet
  • start an exercise program
  • get enough sleep

Have a morning mindset routine

  • put together a mental list of your activities for the day
  • watch personal growth videos
  • listen to audiobooks

Don’t Lose Your Power

Now that you’ve worked on changing your mindset don’t give your power away.  There are too many people out there that you associated with before changing yourself for the better that’ll want to pull you back down to their level.  Don’t let them do it.  You worked too hard to get to this point.

Life has enough challenges in it when it comes to setting and reaching personal goals to let someone else control how you live it.  Relationships, whether business or personal, should be equal in every way.  At times one person is needier than the other or vice versa, but remember there’s give and take in every relationship.  Putting the burden one or the other to carry the relationship and making it work, is a surefire road to disaster.

The outlook and expectations on a marriage have changed over the years.  During the early part of the 20th Century and all the Centuries prior to that, there were well-defined roles for men and women, then all that changed during WWII when men went to fight in wars and women went to work.  It continued to change as women started to get a higher education and started to break the glass ceiling in the workplace.

That is continuing to change as women gain equality in the workplace and demand equal pay for equal roles.