Fear of Failure Can Cripple You If You Let It Control You

Everyone experiences fear of failure even some of the most successful entertainers of our time. They make it up easier because their business is in the public eye. Whether you’re an entertainer or not we’re all human and we all experience things based on past experiences.

How you deal with it, makes the biggest difference on the road to travel that’s known as life. It also is on your personality and what comes naturally to you and how you relate to others in life in general. You can be real with your closest friends, although when it comes to others you may cover it up because you don’t want them to see your feelings.

By talking about it you could possibly help someone else overcome their fears just by your example. Your life is what you make it.

For many years, growing up in a negative home, where I was constantly told I was a failure or that I was helpless and shouldn’t have any ambitions in life because I would never achieve them. In my case, I took those preachings as a challenge for me to prove them wrong. Even though I had low self-esteem, some layers in my mind I still believe in myself and my abilities.

It just meant that I had a harder road to go because there were no support systems available to me. Luckily for me, I had a few friends that I could talk to who would encourage me to move ahead with my goals.

I have always been someone who likes helping other people succeed and overcoming their personal obstacles. This is very obvious in most of the postings that I have made every since I started blogging.

Fears are common when it comes to ignorance and education and intelligence help you overcome those fears. What most people fear is the unknown and that’s why knowledge and education are important because it helps you understand why fear something so you can overcome it and face your fears had on.

Many people who refuse to deal with their fears and make them bigger than they hold such a resentment against anyone else who doesn’t let their fears take hold of them and hold them back. Fear of failure is the biggest fear and what keeps people from even attempting to work on their goals, especially when what they fear most is someone else constantly telling them how they failed, no matter how many times they had success in their life. Those who use your fear of failure as a tool to control you, do so because they lack self-esteem and will feel a failure when you have success. Therefore. It’s a way for them to control you.

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