De-cluttering Your Life Opens You to New Possibilities


Decluttering your life frees you up with more time and space—something we don’t always think about.  We think every minute of every day has to be accounted for.  That every nook and cranny has to be filled that we leave no space for anything new.  What’s the expression — When a door closes a window opens—

Reasons to Declutter Your Life

Reduces Stress– When you have too much stuff laying around that you spend more time than necessary to clean it up, you increase your level of stress.

Decluttering Helps Others—when you clean out your closets and get rid of things that you don’t need by giving them to thrift stores, you’re helping others.  One person’s mess is someone in needs pot of gold.

Decluttering Stimulates Creativity—when you get rid of the clutter you leave space for something new and it stimulates your creativity.

Decluttering Purifies the Air—Whatever dirt and dust there is in the air it clings to your furniture. This is why when the season’s change and especially in spring homes are cleaned top to bottom.  Antiques are great and beautiful, but when they are in a state of disrepair and dirty they put off an order in your home unless you spend the time repairing and polishing them.

Decluttering Sharpens the Mind–When you get rid of all the unneeded knick knacks from the home that collect dust so you don’t have to spend time cleaning them it frees up your time and your mind to concentrate on other things you didn’t have time for.  It allows you to better organize your, time, space, and thoughts so that you can become more productive.

Benefits of Decluttering Your Space

When you put things away you tend to just throw them in a pile when you have too many things around.

When you declutter your space:

  • You save money from unnecessary purchases
  • You save space
  • You have a happier outlook on life
  • You find it easier to keep your home clean and tidy
  • You have more freedom