Courage Helps You Overcome and Control Your Fears

Ways to Control Your Fears

Fears come from anxiety over  unknown future events

When you start to feel anxiety coming on start to breathe deeply—there are exercises available to become relaxed. When you begin to feel fulfill stary doing these things:

  • stop in your tracks
  • begin by focusing on your breath and breathe deeply
  • hold your breath for at least 7 seconds before letting go of your breath

Prepare a peaceful performance-—anxiety can arise when you start thing about events before they arise and use visualization to prepare for them. Breathing is useful here too.

Try using a different part of the brain—when you use different parts of the brain it helps to dilute the emotions you’re feeling. Also, ask yourself this question: On a scale of 1-10 what number am I currently feeling?

Learn to control your imagination-—visualization is one of the best ways to imagine the future so you can reduce your anxiety. A technique to use here:

  • Sit down and breathe deeply
  • Close your eyes and countdown to the number 1
  • Use visualization to see yourself experiencing the event to calm your nerves

There is a technique known as AWARE you can use

A–accept the anxiety you’re feeling and don’t fight it

W—when you watch for your feelings of anxiety you can stop them before they start

A—you should act normally by talking about your behavior as though nothing has happened. Acting normally send a message to your subconscious mind telling it that there’s nothing to be worried about.

R—keep repeating the 3 steps above

E—when you expect the best then you can realize that you have control over your emotions.

Read Motivational Quotes

When you read motivational quotes they help turn your negative thoughts into positive thinking.  That way, as you begin to anticipate the future, you don’t anticipate the worst before it happens.