Beware of Your Behavior: You Can’t Escape It Forever

Your actions speak louder than words. How you treat someone tells them how you want to be treated back. this is something few people think about, or even look at, that all own behavior.

Conversational Intelligence and Behavior

Understanding communication and how it affects relationships can be an important part of having a successful business, as opposed to, causing you to lose business. Conversational intelligence coaching uses neuroscience to understand the importance of communication. how do you communicate effectively with adults in destroying your relationship with your coworkers and the people you manage. often you may not be aware of how you were treating someone verbally and through conversational intelligence coaching, you can make the invisible visible by becoming aware of what you were doing in the conversation.

Just like in body language, the words we use in a conversation, send messages to the person you are talking to. You can be by using someone verbally by the tone of your voice or even the words you use. You can either be supportive by making your words positive when talking to subordinates or partner and at the other end of the spectrum, your negative words can also be destructive emotionally to the person you are working with.

How Can You Use Conversational Intelligence Coaching to Change Your Behavior?

Through conversational intelligence you learn to connect, navigate, and grow with others as a way to build healthier relationships through communication—you do this by building trust with your partner to improve the quality of your communication skills.

What conversational intelligence brings to an individual is the ability to open their eyes and make them more aware of how they are communicating and its effects on someone else. Journaling is an important part of this journey through communication because it gives you insight into how you are communicating with others.

How This Relates to Other Modalities

I have often used Transactional Analysis to demonstrate how we communicate. In TA, we refer to the different ways of communicating as the parent, the adult, and the child. The parent often says you should, while the adults say I am able to, and the child says I want. Also in TA, we often refer to the messages you hear in your head as messages you have been given my peers or other important people in your life, that you have internalized and repeated to yourself.

This is also a form of communication that gets repeated over and over again from one generation to the next because we are only repeating behaviors we learned as children. The only way to break this cycle is to retrain your thoughts, whether it be by affirmations, or re-programming your thought processes.

How Lack of Communication Skills Affect Relationships

We often repeat the same behaviors and communication skills that we learn from childhood. it really hasn’t been until the latter part of the 20th century, that studies have been conducted to learn about ways to improve communication and relationships both personal and with coworkers in the workplace.

As we learn better communication skills, we will improve the personal relationships and the relationships we have at work!

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