Your Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes Influence Your Lifestyle

Your beliefs, values, and attitudes are formed based on your what is happening in the world when you are a child and the views your parents have.  They can be good or bad, they can change over time, but they can follow you throughout your lifetime.


Do you know what you believe in?

Religious beliefs come from the religion you practiced as a child.  As a teenager, you may not go to church as regularly, but those beliefs are still there and eventually, you come back to them.

Your moral beliefs are knowing the difference between right and wrong and following your convictions.  It’s also knowing what you’re doing when you take advantage of someone else.

Your social beliefs are formed based on your relationship with your peers, family, and emotional needs.  Many Baby Boomers became socially conscious of wrongdoing going on around them and wanted to make the world a better place to live.  This was an outgrowth and change from the conservative values of their parents and was also reflected through music in the 60’s.

Intellectual beliefs are affected by the amount of education someone has.  Whether or not they want to change the world, or just sit back and watch someone else take the risk while they benefit from the changes.

Economic beliefs are formed by the job you have and the spending money you have to meet your personal needs.  It affects how you see the less fortunate like the poor or the disabled.

Your political beliefs are formed by which party addresses those beliefs that you have like tax cuts, social issues, or view about other cultures in the world.


Your values are based on your needs, desires, and the things you care about most in your life.

You can:

  • Value your time
  • Value your personal ideals in life
  • Value your personal decision-making process
  • Value your freedom
  • Value your happiness
  • Value your knowledge


Your attitude is your way of thinking about someone or something.  It can be your reaction to their behavior.  That attitude affects the relationship you have with someone.  Men who disrespect women, often have poor relationships with women and don’t care how they abuse them.  those attitudes can easily be formed from the relationship they have with their mothers.  The same can be said for daughters and their father.  Those attitudes can also be formed based on the relationship between your parents and their relationship with you.