Always Look Forward Not Backwards with Regret About Your Life

It’s nice to look back to see how far you’ve advanced but doesn’t dwell on the past.  You also have some people who dwell in the past because they hate where they are now but don’t want to make the necessary changes.

Then you also have others who suffer from dementia where they can’t remember the present because there’s a breakdown in the brain where what happens in short-term memory stays there and doesn’t move into long-term memory.  In their case, their past is clear to them and that’s where they live rather than the present.

Ways to Live in the Present, not the Past

Some things you should do to live in the present and not the past:

1. Remove unneeded possessions—for sentimental reasons we keep family heirlooms, but if they just clutter in your home get rid of them.

2. Smile–when you start every day with a smile it makes your day brighter. It’s a new day and there are new experiences to be had.

3. Fully appreciate the moments of today–be in the here and now and appreciate fully what you’re experiencing at that moment.

4. Forgive past hurts–best way to handle this is to forgive and move on.  It’s also one of the hardest things to do. You shouldn’t allow it to affect your mood now.

5. Love your job—If you are doing something you don’t enjoy and spends your time waiting for the weekend you’re wasting 71% of your time.  Find a way to focus on the good things about your job.

6. Dream about the future but work hard for today–. you can always dream big but without setting goals or working on them, they will never become a reality. Live in the present

7. Don’t dwell on past accomplishments–Do what you need to do today, not what you did yesterday

8. Stop worrying–you can’t control the future so don’t anticipate the worst.  Worrying about the future can’t change anything,

9. Think beyond old solutions to problems—Technology is constantly making changing, so what worked yesterday may not work today.

10. Conquer Addictions–don’t let your addictions hold you hostage, get help to live a freer life if you need to.